Welcome to the Dental Division.

High quality materials and precision are the basis of our products and the reason why our customer satisfaction is consistently high. That’s what we stand for.


In 1885, Louis Aufranc founded a small precious metal smelting business in Biel/Bienne. Since 1924, the name of Cendres+Métaux has stood for innovative, high quality products and superior customer service. With legendary Swiss precision and reliability, we have established ourselves in the dental market and won the trust of our customers.

Our commitment goals

We develop, produce, market and sell our own customer-specific intelligent and innovative systems worldwide in order to enhance safety, aesthetics and productivity in dental medicine. We promote the well-being, quality of life and satisfaction of our customers and patients.

Our success

  • We use the best quality materials to manufacture durable products of lasting value.
  • We combine proven technology with new developments, and so we are always up to date in the dental market.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet individual customer requirements.
  • We are the leading manufacturer of high precision, high quality products.

Our brand and values