CM LOC® - System extension

The CM LOC® system has been extended by a further attractive solution. As of now, the proven CM LOC® female part system is also available on root canal caps, ex-stock. You benefit from two material solutions:

Laser welding technique

Order No. 0500 1606
CM LOC® Endo male part in Elitor® for laser welding
Protor 3 = LW N°5

Face milling

Place the male part



Casting-on or soldering technique

Order No. 0500 1605
CM LOC® Endo male part in Ceramicor® for casting / soldering
Protor 3 = S.G 810 / S.G 750

Place the male part




Auxiliary instrument for placing the male part

Order No. 0700 0219
CM LOC® Parallelometer insert for Endo male parts in Ceramicor® and Elitor®

Design modification

In order to be able to screw the CM LOC® male part also mechanically with the hands-on pieces, the existing design of the CM LOC® screw driver has been modified and the shaft lengthened. Thanks to ISO connection, the CM LOC® screw driver can be applied as previously by means of a torque wrench and new also with hand piece.

New version

Old version

For possible adapters on torque wrenches, kindly refer to following sources:

 Company Order No. Interface for Torque wrench
 Straumann direct 34.005
 Straumann by Medentika M 14
 Straumann by Wegold 7000220
 Nobel Biocare 29167
 Astratech insert long 25776
 Astratech insert short 25777
 Zimmer Contact manufacturer
 MiS Contact manufacturer
 BioHorizons Contact manufacturer
 Camlog J5002.0010

09 July 2015

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