Open, precise, reliable

Today, dentistry without digital technology is hardly imaginable. To strengthen the technician-dentist partnership, Cendres+ Métaux Digital Solutions offers individually manufactured prosthetic solutions with a comprehensive range of services and processes – open, precise and reliable.

With our local Scan and Design Centers, our digital specialists are ready to process all kinds of information (models or STL-files). On request, they design your ideal solution for your individual case. The overall process is streamlined for optimum communication, production and delivery efficiency.

  • Leader in the manufacture of precise products using high-quality materials
  • local Scan and Design Centers
  • Outstanding expertise of our digital specialists


Our product program includes crowns, bridges, abutments and bars on natural teeth and implants made from high-quality materials such as zirconium dioxide, chrome cobalt, titanium grade 5 and Pekkton®.

  • CoCr bridge on implants
  • Individual abutment
  • Zirconium oxide bridge
  • Titanium bar on implants

Implant list

Our selection of compatible implant systems can be found in the Download-Center (product category «Digital Solutions»).



Our digital specialist are available to you for professional support and advice at the following times:

Mo–Fr: 8h00–12h00

Tel. +41 58 360 20 00

Mo–Fr: 9h00–17h00

Tel. +33 1 48 89 78 87

United Kingdom
Mo–Fr: 9h00–17h00

Tel. +44 1625 413 997

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Together we can break boundaries and bring something new to your experience, Cendres+Métaux stands by your side.

Be open, be digital.

Take your first steps into the digital world confidently and experience the benefits of our open, modular and high-quality system. You can tailor it to suit your individual needs and all components have an open interface that can be integrated to smoothly increase your digital workflow.

  • Individual: you decide when and which open components you want to use according to your needs
  • Safe: the high quality and the proper interplay of the components guarantee a reliable result, that you’re used to
  • Future-oriented: open components mean independence. You benefit from our innovation and a variety of upgrade and extension options
  • Economic: you benefit from a seamless integration into your workflow and intuitive operation of each system component


Discover new possibilities with the advanced technology from Cendres+Métaux. We can provide you with an ideal solution: a system which combines the latest technology and the highest level of accuracy.

Through the unique calibration procedure you will achieve more accurate results and our upgradable software will keep you always up to date. The system from Cendres+Métaux will simplify your throughput, saving you time and money and will keep your customers happy.

Our technology looks to the future and can be continuously expanded. See for yourself the solution that will save you effort today and into the future.

Master complex indications
  • Proprietary calibration for maximum accuracy
  • Multiple implant base work
See the precision
  • State-of-the-art LED illumination
  • Accuracy up to 5 μm
Invest for the future
  • Open STL standard
  • Smart internal design for upgrades


The STL format allows more freedom in your processes and can be easily integrated into your workflow. Our software provides easy solutions for even the most complex indications and has a variety of customizable options. You may start with one module and upgrade your options as your requirements expand.

Our systems will link you to any manufacturing solution either from your office or remote location. The CAD/CAM solution from Cendres+Métaux is open, economic and will meet your needs in the digital world.

Enjoy the simplicity
  • User friendly
  • Maximize productivity
  • Guidance with logical workflow
  • Including many virtual elements (bars, attachments etc.)
Powerful technology
  • Wide range of indications
  • Organic modeling technology for speed and stability
  • Versatile tools for divergent implant structures
Individualize your workflow
  • Open system is compatible with 3rd-party equipment
  • Integrated workflow with various extension modules
  • Extensive libraries
  • Original Cendres+Métaux attachment materials in the library

Milling machine

You look for a simple start into digitization. Due to the rapid data import and automatic tool change valuable time is saved. The tool wear is measured and assures you an optimal fit of your work. The body is compact and the control system has a clever cutting strategy. Your modular system for a safe journey into a promising future.

Benefit from speed
  • Automatic 6 slot tool changer
  • Simultaneous mill and calculation (Direct-Mill)
  • High-frequency spindles from Jäger (precision machine / up to 60,000 rpm)
Invest in your comfort
  • Open STL standard
  • Low maintenance with clever dust insulation
  • User friendly software
Enjoy the efficiency
  • Used blank management
  • Blank optimization space
  • Undercut recognition

Ceramic oven - AUSTROMAT® baSIC®

We provide the high productivity and aesthetics you expect. You are safe with our high quality materials, precise temperature control and wide range of sintering options. To maintain your quality of work, this investment will pay off.

Enjoy esthetic with many materials
  • No discoloration through two silicon carbide heating elements
  • Use lift position for drying and cooling stages through Autodry®
See precision
  • Homogenous temperature distribution for consistent and predictable results
  • Dual thermocouples for monitoring and temperature control in any temperature range
Benefit from cutting edge technology for maximum productivity
  • Large capacity for up to 25 units
  • Complete configuration of any sintering program with sintering times down to 90 min
  • Fast sintering programs with lowest energy consumption conserve time and power in the laboratory
  • Ethernet connectivity for programming, remote operation, monitoring and quality management

You will find information about AUSTROMAT® ceramic ovens here.

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