Resin for models

Polyurock is a dual component model resin, offering excellent mechnical properties. High hardness value and strong intermolecular cohesion bonds produce models that benefit the dental technician with models less effected by shock impact from benchwork and during transportation. Polyurock is compatible with alginates, hydrocolloids, various types of silicones, and many other impression materials.

Polyurock can also be supplied with Polyurock Release Spray which should be used with polyethers (Impregum), vinyl polysiloxanes, thioelastomers, metals (posts, implants, attachments), and plastics (burn-out posts, Zeiser plates, Model Trays, etc.).


  • Yellow
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UniVest® Rapid

Graphite-free, phosphate-bonded precision high heat investment for all precious and non-precious alloys.

Setting time: 20 minutes.
Standard preheating: 600ºC up to 900ºC or higher.

  • Precise castings
  • Very smooth surfaces
  • Very fine grain
  • Easy to devest
  • Total expansion: 3.2 %

CM-20 investment

Rapid and coventional preheating techniques. Graphite-free investment compound, based on quartz and cristobalite, for use with precious and non-precious metal alloys.

Ceramicor investment

Phosphate-bonded investment compound containing graphite, for use with precious and non-precious metal alloys.


For lining casting cylinders to abtain optimal expansion.

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Legabril Diamond

Legabril Diamond is a fine polishing compound containing diamond particles, for all precious and non-precious dental alloy. Particulary suitable for high gold dental alloys. Legabril Diamond can also be used to polish ceramics and composites. Time saving application in the lab.

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ABF waxes are characterised by their unique composition, that guarantees exceptional properties during use:

  • They separate very well (therefore no residues is left on the surface)
  • They ensure an excellent compactness and a superb brightness after working
  • They allow quick and easy use
  • They allow the technician to selct the appropriate hardness for the application
  • They burn out without leaving residue in the ring
  • They ensure an excellent passivity and a high degree of precision

Creativ light and dark

As their name indicates these waxes make it possible to create the esthetics, that will provide your Wax-up with character. A light version to ensure basic colouring and a dark version to generate typical shade in the fissures. In the liquid stade these waxes still remain opaque.

This modeling wax has a pleasant texture, is very clean and allows excellent visual control. This wax is ideal for use with pressable ceramic systems.

This extra hard milling wax, offers excellent resistance to creaks and chips at the edges, and is ideal to be used with or without rotary instrumets.

The universal wax per excellence. It can be easily used for any type of modeling, in particular for the construction of occlusal surfaces, coronal walls and armatures.

This extremely stable wax is typically used for the first layers of the coping and the secondary parts of the milling technique. Its name is there to indicate its greater stability at the marginal edge and ensures a high degreeof precision of the coping.

This positioning wax has high degree of adherence, offers an excellent solution when attaching the spruing elements. An ideal adence is obtained when used at a temperature above 20º C.
Wax wire

CM separating agent

For casting and modelling wax on plaster, porcelain and metal.

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Hooded quartz crucible for the melting of all types of dental alloys with an open flame. It is strongly recommended to have a dedicated crucible for each alloy to avoid cross containation.

Meteor MP - for casting

Universal blowtorch system for the melting and soldering of alloys.

Meteor is safe to handle and ensures consistent, high quality results.

  • Blowpipe Meteor O: For casting, universal and bonding alloys - Melting with oxygen-propane
  • Blowpipe Meteor A: For casting alloys - Melting with compressed air-propane
  • Blowpipe Meteor O-NP: For non-precious alloys - Melting with oxygen-propane


Melting Flux for all casting alloys with a solidus temperature less than 1000ºC (1832ºF). For open flame or induction melting. By applying Borax, oxidation of the alloy during melting is avoided. Glazing of crucibles with Borax yields excellent casting results.

Boric acid

High fusing flux for all casting alloys with a solidus temperatue greater than 1000ºC (1832ºF). For open flame or induction melting. By applying boric acid, oxidation of the alloy during melting is avoided. Glazing of crucibles with boric acid yields excellent casting results.

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Meteor MP - for soldering

Precision blowtorch system for soldering with oxygen-propane.

  • Blowpipe Meteor O Micro: for the precise soldering of joints without affecting of softening the surrounding alloy
  • Blowpipe Meteor L: for general soldering with oxygen-propane


Flux for the soldering of non-precious to precious elements such as an extension to a framework or the addition of retention. Excellent for soldering preious metals to attachments, milled secondary parts on a framework base or orthodontic work.


Zirconia based anti-flux paste.

Stopor limits the spreading of the liquid solder to the immediate vicinity of the joint, thus contamination of attachment and occlusal surfaces is prevented. By applying Stopor to soldering joints in the viciniy of the porcelain, discoloration is avoided. Stopor is excellent in covering oxidation-sensitive medium and low-precious metal alloys. Grinding ad polishing time of the surfaces is therefore greatly reduced.

Investments and pastes

CM soldering investment

For the construction of soldering blocks for soldering before and after firing
Graphite paste

For fitting of secondary parts as well as attachments after thermal treatment
CM soldering paste

For flame soldering of precious metal alloys
Flux C

For furnace soldering of precious metal alloys after firing
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Desoxid I

Pickling Solution (75%) for precious metal dental alloys containing more than 50% gold

Desoxid is an extremely eficient pickling solution with numerous advantages over trditional acid pickling.

  • Does not produce corrosive or unpleasant fumes
  • Instruments and clothing do not suffer deterioration
  • Neither fume exhaustion nor special pickling apparatus are necessary
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