Livento® press and Soprano® 10

The new press ceramic system from Cendres+Métaux consists of the lithium disilicate glass ceramic Livento® press and the veneering ceramic Soprano® 10, two products which ideally complement each other and make colour-stable solutions possible.

Livento® press

Perfect fit and stable in shape and colour.

Livento® press is an innovative lithium disilicate glass ceramic.

The homogeneous structure and high strength values are the decisive advantages of this innovative material. When grinding Livento® press, the increased strength properties are noticed immediately. This ensures a perfect fit and aids stable margins after multiple firings. Colour stability is proven and tested with the result mimicking the required natural aesthetics.

Livento® press is available in six translucencies with a total of 36 shade hues.

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Soprano® 10

Colour-fast and colour-stable for natural aesthetics.

Soprano® 10 is a silicate glass ceramic and is extremely well suited for veneers with the Livento® press lithium disilicate glass ceramic and zirconium oxide.

The Soprano® 10 has a major advantage due to its thixotropic nature, i.e. it stacks and stays where you place it. Soprano® 10 can be used in thin sections, achieving the desired result due to it’s brightness and colour stability after repeated firings.

The range includes a balanced manageable range of different ceramic materials such as Margin, Frame Modifier, Opal, Dentine, Opaque dentine, enamel and effect materials. The ceramic shades are based on the VITA Classic shade system.

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