Service Sets


The Dalbo® service set for anchors is part of «The Swiss Dalbo®-System», an innovative concept comprising spherical male parts and female parts which can be combined to bring the optimal solution to a wide range of applications.

Dalbo®-ball and socket unit
Conversion Dalbo®-male part
Dalbo®-ball and socket unit with internal thread

Can be used with the Gerber RZ 32.02 and Schubiger SB 33.02
Conversion male part
Dalbo® spherical anchor with internal thread
Dalbo®-PLUS gauge set
The gauge set facilitates the adjustment of the retentive force

Adjustment in the denture can be measured with the male part gauge. The female part gauge comes with an orginial housing. The retentive force ot the different lamellae retention inserts can be measured individually chairside.

  • For conversions and repairs
  • Part of the Dalbo®-ball and socket system, the original!
  • Unique

Gerber RZ

Gerber retention core with smaller inner thread.

  • For repairing restorations
  • Can be used with the multifunctional Gerber Retention Cylinder 32.02
  • Service component
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CM-hex screw system

Vertical and transverse locking screw.

  • A unique system: 1 hex key for screws with different diameters and lengths
  • Screws and countersunk collars made of high strength, clinically tested precious alloys
  • Compatible with our existing vertical and transverse locking screws (142 and 143)
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Retentive elements


Screw and retention elements.

Ipsoclip anterior
Ipsoclip posterior
Ipsoclip RE
Ipsoclip SE
  • Horizontal screw and retention elements
  • Prospective planning possible (SE/RE)
  • Integration into the secondary parts of individually milled restorations


Screw and retention element.

  • Small, robust retainer
  • Prospective planning possible by exchanging cap screw and screw bolt
  • Fitting into the secondary part of milled restorations
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Replacement parts

Replacement parts

All replacement parts can be found in the Download-Center at the product category «Other attachments».

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