Core competences


  • Developing and casting of homogenous precious metal alloys with precise compositions

  • Production of precision profiles made from precious metal alloys with tested mechanical properties

  • Manufacturing of highly complex micromechanical precision components made from precious metal alloys, titan and high-performance polymer

  • Industrial manufactured jewellery rings made from precious metal alloys

  • Comprehensive range of sophisticated products and services: a «closed circuit» for materials and quality – everything from a single source.


  • Analytical and materials testing Laboratories
    Our tasks in the Cendres+Métaux laboratories include the characterizing and testing of new materials, verifying the quality of alloys and materials, establishing the fineness of jewellery alloys, establishing the fineness of waste containing precious metal and investigating complaints.

  • SAP Customer Competence Center - a strategic success factor of the Cendres+Métaux group