Employee policy

The long-term success of our business depends entirely on people, i.e. on you our staff. With that end in view, we must have clear rules. They define the direction in which we intend to develop together. That is why the human resources policy of Cendres+Métaux SA defines appropriate background conditions in four areas.

The company
As a company, we wish to be an attractive and reliable partner for our personnel. This means that:

  • We are a reliable employer with good social benefits.
  • We give our staff space and in return expect them to show a high level of responsibility.
  • We keep our staff regularly informed in German and French. But it is also up to our staff to seek information.
  • We encourage systematic basic and further training adapted to the needs of the business and the strengths of individual staff members.
  • We pay the market rate and reward individual performance and corporate success.
  • When vacancies occur, we give priority to internal candidates, assuming equivalent qualifications.

Staff members

  • As a staff member, you are very important to the success of our business. In other words:
  • Our staff members set the following order of priorities: customers, business, staff and act as co-entrepreneurs.
  • Our staff members are expected to have professional, social and personal skills in equal measure.
  • To share professional expertise, we assume strong team, communication and conflict-resolution skills.
  • Cendres+Métaux wishes to make versatile use of its staff and therefore expects high flexibility and willingness to change.
  • Our staff members work systematically and are willing to question existing methods and if necessary improve them.

We define the requirements placed on our managers as follows::

  • Our managers set the example through their action. They respect our defined principles and act in a manner which is transparent and promotes integration.
  • Our managers aim to adopt a goal-oriented and participative management style. They define suitable background conditions and lead staff towards the set objective.
  • Our managers have a balanced set of professional, social and personal skills.
  • Our managers communicate in German and French.
  • Our managers promote and encourage our staff and achieve a high level of performance.

Their daily work is a key factor in the lives of our staff members. That being so:

  • The Cendres+Métaux Group offers its staff modern workplaces and an opportunity to handle an exceptional and emotional material: precious metal. This calls for absolute honesty and dependability.
  • The Cendres+Métaux Group provides a wide variety of job opportunities and is committed to apprentice training in several specializations.
  • Work must make sense. It can and should also be enjoyable.
  • The Cendres+Métaux Group is open to new forms of work and considers it important to strike a balance between work and leisure.
  • We design our posts to enable and promote team and project work.

The Management

Date of issue: 1.10.14