Press release 21.09.2016

Positive feedback from the 1. International Pekkton® Symposium in Biel

On Friday, the 16th of September, the first Pekkton®Circle was held at the headquarters of Cendres+Métaux in Biel. The specialist congress attracted over 100 renowned dentists and dental technicians from 13 different countries. The delegates were mainly interested in one topic: Pekkton®. The high-performance polymer developed specifically by Cendres+Métaux is the material of choice for metal-free dental prostheses. It was recently honoured as the "game-changing product" of the year 2016 by the renowned US magazine Inside Dental Technology (IDT).

With Pekkton®, the medical technical division of Cendres+Métaux SA - CM Medtech - has developed a novel biological high-performance polymer for use as a metal-free dental prosthesis. This innovative material has undergone clinical trials over the past two years and has achieved a high level of acceptance among specialists on the basis of its excellent material properties. "Due to the novel properties of the material, the patient experiences superior wear comfort and also unique aesthetics when compared with normal dentures, which are very close to the natural whiteness of teeth,"states Arne Faisst, CEO at CM Medtech. "Corresponding feedback from patients is, of course, very positive." The exceptional innovation potential of Pekkton® was recently confirmed by the renowned US magazine Inside Dental Technology (IDT), which voted the product to "game-changing product" of the year 2016.

Based on the good clinical results, CM Medtech has now embarked on a series of symposia for specialists to herald the world launch of Pekkton®. In June 2016, a Pekkton® colloquium had already been held in Seoul (South Korea) for the Asian region with over 100 delegates. Last week, Cendres+Métaux invited to the first International Pekkton® Symposium in Europe at their headquarters in Biel/Bienne. "We were proud to welcome over 100 dentists and dental technicians from 13 different countries to our new lecturing and training facilities on Bözingerstrasse," said a delighted Arne Faisst. "The exchange among various international specialists cannot be valued highly enough when introducing such an innovation today."

On this occasion, the company also opened its doors to production. With approx. 2 million denture-related products, CM Medtech is one of the leading international manufacturers in the dental business. A glimpse behind the scenes of the Medtech production of the tradition-steeped company in Biel was welcomed by the guests. "It was important for us to show the visitors the technological diversity and complex processes behind the precision products directly on-site. This increases the relationship to the product considerably," so Arne Faisst. Cendres+Métaux invests heavily to meet the increasing demands in medical engineering, both in production as well as the market launches of new products. The next events at the headquarters in Biel/Bienne are already in the planning stage.

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Dr. Arne Christian Faisst
CEO Cendres+Métaux Medtech
Member of the Board of Directors

21 September 2016

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