High-Performance Polymers

PEEK, PEKK – these terms are both numerous and confusing, but these materials all have one thing in common: they belong to the family of poly-aryl-ether-ketones, known as PAEK for short. PAEK are high-performance thermoplastics which, thanks to a wide temperature range, have high strength, rigidity and resistance to hydrolysis and are suitable for extremely demanding conditions. When thermoplastics are processed, it is only the form and not the chemical property that is altered. A crucial advantage! The material also does not display any porosity or monomers.

The best-known family member: PEEK
In recent years, poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) has become synonymous with top-class high-performance polymers. PEEK enjoys widespread acceptance in medicine and is well established in several specialisms.

The latest generation: PEKK
Not just theory, but practical studies prove the advantages of poly ether ketone ketone (PEKK) in dentistry. Unlike PEEK, PEKK displays both amorphous and crystalline material properties. This makes PEKK particularly interesting. Thanks to its unique mechanical, physical and chemical properties, PEKK lends itself to a broader range of uses than PEEK:

  • up to 80% greater compression strength than PEEK
  • wider processing window of parameters than PEEK

PEKK stands at the apex of the PAEK family.

Material Properties

Mechanical Properties




Pekkton® ivory


Crystalline Injection Grade

 Crystalline Injection Grade

Crystalline Injection Grade

Tensile strength @break


110.3 MPa

115 MPa

67.8 MPa

Tensile strength @yield


138 MPa

119 MPa

97.5 MPa

Flexural strength @5%


193.1 MPa

200 MPa

170 MPa

Youngs modulus


4.55 GPa

5 GPa

4.5 GPa

Thermal Properties

Melt temperature
ASTM D3418



Pekkton® ivory


  360° Celcius

  363° Celcius       

  342° Celcius

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