Vivaxs® Liva

The first bone anchored long-term vascular access for haemodialysis

Vivaxs® Liva is an innovative long-term vascular access for haemodialysis and winner of the renowned innovation prize “Swiss Technology Award”. It is a port system which consists of a titanium port, a replaceable cover and a catheter. The novelty lies in its fixation to the head. Vivaxs is composed of the Latin vivere (life) and the English word access. The name affix Liva is derived from the Old Norse and means as much as protection and life.

Vivaxs® Liva is currently undergoing clinical trials and is not yet available for sale. The study running under the name of “Bone Anchored Port - A novel access for haemodialysis” has been started in December 2014 at the University Hospital in Berne, Switzerland. Sponsor of the clinical investigation is Cendres+Métaux SA, which is specialized in the manufacturing of implantable precision components for the medical technology industry and has long-term experience in the marketing of both, its own as well as customer specific medical devices. As the first clinical results are very promising, Cendres+Métaux SA agreed to further expand the study to other European countries.

About Diavantis

Vivaxs® Liva is a project run by Diavantis, a young and aspiring medical technology start-up with a small but very interdisciplinary team located in Cham, Switzerland. The company’s focus lies on the development and marketing of vascular accesses for haemodialysis, with a special emphasis on home haemodialysis. The company is a spin-off fully owned by Cendres+Métaux SA.

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