Presse release 01.06.2017

Cendres+Métaux takes over the activities of PRG Manufacture S.A., Delémont

The Luxury+Industry division of Cendres+Métaux Group is acquiring the assets and employees of watch case manufacturer PRG Manufacture S.A. in Delémont with immediate effect, and is integrating this activity in its Biel location. Following the acquisition and integration of the activities of PRG Manufacture S.A., Cendres+Métaux is uniquely positioned in Switzerland to cover the entire value-creation chain for the manufacture of watch cases and components made of precious metal, stainless steel and titanium.

This includes producing its own alloys as well as unmachined parts and straps, finishing watch cases and carrying out refining tasks for reprocessing precious metal shavings from the production process as well as an exclusive hardening process for stainless steel and titanium. This is an opportunity to optimize lead times and sharply reduce the use of raw materials.

The integration of PRG’s employees and machine fleet in Biel will enable Cendres+Métaux to quickly and comprehensively expand its expertise in the production of watch cases. As a small company, PRG has managed in a short space of time to position itself as an interesting partner for producing cases for various major watch brands through modern production methods and cooperation in surface treatment.

The management team of PRG, comprising Philippe Meyer and Thomas Kuratle, together with the new CEO of the Luxury+Industry division, Roderich Hess, will strengthen the Cendres+Métaux S.A. sales organization.

Following the acquisition of Momoplus AG (now Cendres+Métaux Microtech AG), the Group took over the rights to produce its own mechanical watch movement as of mid-2016. The production and delivery of this unique, modular watch movement commenced at the beginning of 2017. The acquisition of PRG Manufacture S.A. brings the Group one step closer to achieving its goal of becoming a system supplier for watch brands with a comprehensive offering.

01 June 2017

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