Precious metal recovery

Sustainable. Efficient. Economical.



Material cycle.

Economically and ecologically.

Once received, materials containing precious metals are put through two phases: firstly homogenisation and specification of the precious metal content; then the separation process, in which the individual metals are separated from the rest and recovered in their pure form as fine metals. Once processed, these precious metals are then available for re-use as raw materials.When it comes to the chemical treatment of precious metals, the maintenance of an unspoilt environment is also a central concern for us. Consequently, we have introduced an environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

Cendres+Métaux Refining recycles the precious metals gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium from virtually all production residues containing precious metals and recycling materials. Our customers include industrial firms, dental technicians, dentists, jewellery-makers, watchmakers and scrap gold dealers.

The following precious metal recovery processes are standard for us:

Smeltable bullion

  • Stamping/die-cutting waste
  • Dental waste (sprue cones, filings, etc.)
  • Scrap gold from teeth (e.g. crowns and bridges)
  • Jewellery, coins, cutlery

Bullion for incineration

  • Polishing residues, filters, blasting sand, cleaning cloths,
    crucible residues, slag, etc
Thanks to the constant further development of our processes, we are able to guarantee cost effectiveness for all our customers. Personal contact and a relationship with our customers based on trust are of particular importance to us.
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