Experience. Know-how. Innovation.

Casting. Rolling. Drawing. Stamping.

Everything from a single casting.

For 130 years, we have been developing and casting precious metal alloys for the most varied of applications.

Castings released for manufacturing are further processed in semi-finished production into wires, profiles, metal sheet and tubes. In this respect, we work with stamping, wire- and tube-drawing machines, as well as metal strip rolling and straightening units. Using thermal treatment in annealing units, such as muffle and conveyor furnaces, semi-finished products are given the required mechanical properties.

We then further process into standard alloys precious metals that have been recovered from the refining process and then analysed. The continuous casting plants that we developed ourselves are a speciality and one of the key skills of Cendres+Métaux.

Thanks to modern smelting units and raw materials recovered previously, Cendres+Métaux produces uniform basic raw materials in an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving way.

The rolling of sheet-metal materials is an essential technique. Sheet metal, metal film or strip are upstream products that form part of almost all the end products manufactured by Cendres+Métaux. We also have a tradition of supplying our customers with high-quality semi-finished products in sheet metal. In this respect, we primarily concern ourselves with surface quality and maintaining the tightest tolerances.

Cendres+Métaux manufactures rods and wires made of precious metals on its metal drawing lines. Round material with outstanding surface quality is produced in this way.

We guarantee very tight tolerances during the production of stamped parts. Depending on the material, parts are subjected to a series of reshaping and annealing processes. An optimal annealing process is guaranteed thanks to our continuous hardening furnace.

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Micro-mechanical manufacturing

If it has to be accurate.

The micro-mechanical manufacturing of turned and milled parts is one of our key skills. Our production facilities include the latest lathes and milling machines, which allow us to cover a wide range of products and the associated manufacturing complexities.

A combination of our up-to-date CNC lathes and our skilled specialist personnel guarantees the highest possible quality level.

Thanks to our 5-axis, high-precision milling centre, we are best equipped to process the most varied workpieces from the jewellery and watchmaking industry.

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Setting gemstones and polishing

The final finish.

All gemstone setting work and finishing processes, such as polishing, are carried out in-house.

Everything is done 100% by hand here. All of our products have an extraordinarily regular surface finish. Settings are more uniform and less brittle. This means that gemstones are held in place more reliably and therefore longer.

Our experienced polishers clean each piece of jewellery and polish it by hand. White gold rings are also rhodanised to emphasise the brilliance and better show off diamonds.

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