Cendres+Métaux SA - The 3 new divisions

Cendres+Métaux: The 3 new divisions start to get their own identity.

After creation of the two divisions CM Medtech and CM Luxury+Industry end of 2015, in July 2016 Cendres+Métaux made the acquisition of Momo Plus AG. This activity was integrated and renamed in CM Microtech.
Now all three divisions received their own logo under the umbrella of Cendres+Métaux.
In the dental field, all communication will gradually be changed to the brand name CM Medtech
This new positioning of CM Medtech will also be a topic at the IDS 2017 in Cologne.

For more information about CM Microtech: http://www.cmsa.ch/en/Group/News/Press-release-29062016

28 November 2016

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