HexScan® Technique

Cost savings: standardised geometric connection of denture teeth with all framework materials.

A conventional tooth preparation is generally conical in shape with no undercuts and relevant to the natural tooth structure. Often this format is applied to framework design where tooth support is required. Modern milling techniques struggle to reproduce framework designs that have conventionally been made by hand.

For a predictable result, the solution is to standardise each individual pillar with a Hex shape and use a new technique: the HexScan® Technique – a perfect workflow for all framework
materials including Pekkton® ivory. The HexScan® Technique yields attractive time savings.

For all technicians working traditionally or digitally, the HexScan® Technique is the most predictable workflow for fixed and removable prosthesis among all other techniques, because of its standardised pillar design Hex shape.

The HexScan® Kit includes positioners, drills and scanbodies. It is easy to integrate the HexScan® Technique into the working procedure, offers high accuracy and can be used for analog and digital procedures. Cost saving and validated by experts.

  1. Accurate cement gap thanks to the customized positioner
  2. Extended surface area for high retention and stability
  3. Hex shape for antirotation, easy and accurate crown positioning
  4. Round corners to remove stress points
  5. Shoulder-free for accurate and fast milling
  6. Parallel walls to allow minimal preparation height
  7. Parallel walls to link units with improved physical properties
  8. Homogenous surface structure for high retention


Full-arch restoration with Pekkton® ivory framework and bonded, individually pressed ceramic crowns using the HexScan® Technique. An average of 30 % time saving in the workflow can be achieved by using the HexScan® Technique. Denture teeth may consist of various types of materials such as composites, ceramics, PMMA, etc.

  1. Wax-up of burnout materials
  2. Preparation with HexScan® Drill
  3. Preparation with HexScan® Positioner
  4. Placing the HexScan® Bodies
  5. Framework ready to scan
  6. Milled framework
  7. Framework and teeth
  8. Final result with gum

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Video HexScan® CAD/CAM

Video HexScan® Press

Each HexScan® Body is made out of a burnout POM material which has been tested and rated by our experts as excellent for scanning (digital) and pressing (analog). They are available in convenient 4 sizes for anterior and posterior teeth.

Order No. /
   0700 0250
39 pcs.
   HexScan® Kit
4x Hexscan® Positioner
(3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm)
4x Hexscan® Drills
(3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm)
1x Hexscan® Centering bur
30x Hexscan® Bodies
(12 x 3 mm, 6 x 4 mm, 6 x 5 mm, 6 x 6 mm)
0700 0238
6 pcs.
HexScan® Body 3 mm
0700 0239
6 pcs.
HexScan® Body 4 mm
0700 0240
6 pcs.
HexScan® Body 5 mm
0700 0241
6 pcs.
HexScan® Body 6 mm
0700 0246
1 pce.
HexScan® Drill 3 mm
0700 0247
1 pce.
HexScan® Drill 4 mm
0700 0248
1 pce.
HexScan® Drill 5 mm
0700 0249
1 pce.
HexScan® Drill 6 mm
0700 0259
1 pce.
HexScan® Centering bur
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