Our business fields

The structure of Cendres+Métaux Holding Ltd

Dental and medical technology

Cendres+Métaux SA

Cendres+Métaux Medtech is a trusted partner of customers in medical technology and dentistry worldwide. Medical products are mainly manufactured on a contract basis for third party suppliers. Dental products are available under their own brand name, but are also produced on a contract basis for third parties.

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Watches and industry

Cendres+Métaux Lux Ltd

Cendres+Métaux Lux manufactures high-precision watch and jewellery parts in precious metals for some of the most famous watch brands in the world. It also provides the industry with precious metal semi-finished products and refining services.

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Queloz SA

The watch case manufacturer Queloz SA is specialized in high-end products. Certified in Switzerland, the company works with materials such as platinum, gold, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, steel or palladium.

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Cronal SA

Cronal SA is a renowned engraving specialist. Its know-how encompasses various engraving processes: in addition to traditional chemical and mechanical processes, its portfolio of competences extends to laser engraving.

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