Finished products

Surface treatment, decoration, assembly

The modern machinery at Cendres+Métaux and the in-depth knowledge of precious metals processing make Cendres+Métaux a recognised expert in the sector.

Cendres+Métaux can also rely on the expertise of Queloz SA and Cronal SA. Watch case manufacturer Queloz SA specialises in the high-end market. Its partners include prestigious brands that place the utmost importance on quality, technical expertise, and service. Whatever the materials used, (precious metals, sapphire, ceramics, carbon, etc.), it can handle all types of projects.
The expertise of Cronal SA covers various engraving processes: besides traditional chemical and mechanical processes, its skill base also extends to high-quality laser engraving.


Our services

  • High-precision finished products for various applications
  • Laser engraving and texturing
  • Full range of traditional watchmaking decorations
  • Brazing (gold, platinum, palladium, steel, and titanium)
  • Five-axis machining for highly complex parts
  • Great expertise in repeaters
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