Livento® press and Soprano® 10

Course Livento Soprano - participant at work

The new press ceramic system from Cendres+Métaux consists of the lithium disilicate glass ceramic Livento® press and the veneering ceramic Soprano® 10. Two products that complement each other perfectly and allow for colour-stable solutions. The main characteristics of Livento® press are its homogeneous structure, high strength values and the reliability of the material. When processing Livento® press, the fit and colour remain stable so that time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary.

The Soprano® 10 veneering ceramic offers convincingly easy and time-saving processing and can be used both for the aesthetic veneering of frameworks made of lithium disilicate as well as zirconium dioxide. The thixotropic properties of the Soprano® 10 powder-liquid mixture allow fast and reliable layering; Soprano® 10 is viscous during processing and remains stable after model completion.


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