Livento® press

Perfect fit and stable in shape and colour

Livento® press is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic of the latest generation for the press technique.

  • The high strength values of the material can be experienced when grinding Livento® press.
  • The fit is perfect even after being fired several times.
  • The margins remain precisely in the desired shape and elaborate post-processing is eliminated.
  • The shades remain reliably stable resulting in lifelike aesthetics.
  • The material demonstrates a homogeneous structure. 
Feature Specification
Indications veneering shells, inlays and onlays, partial crowns, anterior and posterior crowns, hybrid abutment crowns, 3-pontic bridge in the anterior region, 3-pontic bridge in the premolar region up to max. 2nd premolar as terminal abutment
Press blanks Bleach: Medium transparency in four Bleach shades. Bleach 1 with the highest brightness, Bleach 4 with the highest chroma.
  ET: Close to natural enamel transparency. Particularly suited for additional veneers.
  MT: Pronounced medium transparency. Close to natural dentine.
  LT: Low transparency with high brightness and a medium degree of opacity. Particularly suited for a thickness from 0.7 mm.
  HO: High opacity. Already provides excellent coverage, even at low layer thicknesses. Particularly suited as framework material.
  Opal: Close to natural enamel transparency. With particularly opalescent properties. Particularly suited for additional veneers.

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