Soprano® 10

Colour-fast and colour-stable for natural aesthetics

Soprano® 10 is a silicate glass ceramic. It is extremely well suited for the aesthetic veneers with the Livento® press lithium disilicate glass ceramic and zirconium oxide.

  • Thixotropic behaviour: due to the thixotropic properties of the material, the ceramic can be applied with pinpoint accuracy. 
  • Simple: a simple and time-saving layering experience as post-processing is reduced.
  • Colour-stable: due to the colour stability and brightness of Soprano®10, the desired shade effect can also be achieved with thin layers. The colour fastness remains stable, even after several firing processes.
Feature Specification
Indications Characterisation and veneering of frameworks made of Livento® press and zirconium oxide / individually layered veneers.
Portfolio In addition to the 16 VITA Classic shade systems, the opaque dentine is also available in A0 and B0. Frame Modifier and Margin are available for zirconium oxide veneers.

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Alessandro Arnone

Robert Arvai

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