Threaded root post

Rotex® and Rotex®-RD

Root canal anchors with retention head and self-cutting thread

  • Biocompatible, high corrosion resistant material: in pure titanium
  • Self-cutting thread
  • Slightly conical shape
  • Cement flow-off grooves
  • Rounded post end


Root canal anchor with retention head

  • The core can be built up in one session
  • No threading needed
  • The cement flow-off grooves enable tension-free cementing

Dalbo®-Rotex® Dalla Bona and Dalbo®-Rotex® Brunner

Root canal anchor combined with prosthetic retainer 

The Dalbo®-Rotex® is part of «The Swiss Dalbo®-System», an innovative concept comprising spherical male parts and female parts which can be combined to bring the optimal solution to a wide range of applications.  

  • Biocompatible, high corrosion resistant materials: in pure titanium
  • Two versions
  • Slightly conical shape
  • Rounded post end
  • Cement flow-off grooves




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