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Are you interested in the next generation of implant prosthetics? Then you have found the solution with Abutments4life. A product portfolio for the dental practice and the dental laboratory. Read more.

Abutments4life for the dental practice:
The LTS-Hybrid® abutments from Abutments4life are fully anatomical, prefabricated solutions for restorative prosthetics on implants.
The basic idea behind the system was to follow natural morphology, to simplify aesthetic challenges and to design processes for maximum efficiency – both for the treating dentist as well as the patient.

Abutments4life for the dental laboratory: 
Abutments4life enables simple and flexible solutions for screw-retained restorations. The product portfolio takes both digital and traditional workflow into account. The titanium bases are angled by 11° from the implant shoulder, making restorations possible for difficult tooth positions. Due to the innovative product design, the screw emergence is shifted to palatal. – An aesthetic and functional solution.

  • Easy: efficient workflow / standardised, fully anatomical LTS-Hybrid® abutments allow individual immediate restoration without planning / flexible screw-retained or cemented solutions
  • Stable aesthetics: stable clinical and aesthetic results / fusion of soft tissue with abutment / biocompatible concept
  • Patient-friendly: reduced time requirements / less invasive / rapid tissue healing
  • Compatibility: Abutments4life product components are available for all common implant systems.
Characteristics Specification
Indications restorative implant prosthetics
Fixation screw-retained, cemented
Workflow traditional, digital
Surface NCW surface, TiN and DLC coating
Screw channel straight, angled


Abutments4life Workflow
Abutments4life Treatment
Abutments4life Soft tissue attachment
Abutments4life CBase
Abutments4life LTS-Hybrid real time grinding

Clinical cases

One Abutment the 1st time®. Simplified workflow with prefabricated, anatomically shaped LTS-Hybrid® abutments

Dr. med. dent. Bruno Spindler

Alveolus after extraction

A thin buccal root fragment is maintained according to the Socket Shield technique by means of thinning using diamond burr.

The implant (4,1/12 mm) is in the correct mesio-distal and oro-vestibular position, with sufficient space between the implant and buccal wall.
After growth with substitute bone material and collagen membrane and screwing in of the prefabricated abutment, the gingiva is fixed using knotted suture.
Seven weeks after the implantation

The peri-implant tissues are well healed and have risen to a small extent on the abutment (buccal and incisal view).

The almost equigingival position of the preparation margin, including with the abutment, is clearly visible.
The detailed view after four months shows healthy soft tissue free of inflammation.


Abutments4life. Lab. (Flyer)

Abutments4life. Esthetics simplified and predictable. (Flyer)

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