The anchor system

The CM LOC® is a simple, hygienic, user-friendly and patient-friendly solution for hybrid dentures with a significant advantage: divergences between implant and abutment can be corrected up to 60° (± 30°). Thus, the CM LOC® anchor system covers a wide range of clinical applications and simplifies the insertion of dentures.

  • Easy: user- and patient-friendly application.
  • Modular: a complete, modular prosthetic system for a wide range of clinical applications.
  • Hygienic: new abutment design without a central retention hole for improved clinical functionality and increased wearing comfort and ease of cleaning.
  • Durable: optimised female part design with retention inserts made of the high-performance polymer Pekkton® for good wear resistance.
  • Compensable: divergences of up to 60° can be compensated for to provide stress-free insertion of the prosthesis. 
  • Compatibility: the CM LOC® and CM LOC® FLEX abutments are available for all common implant systems. 
Feature Specification
Indications edentulous patients
Fixation removable
Workflow traditional, digital


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Clinical cases

Initial situation:

Highly divergent and worn Locator abutment.

Checking divergences and gingiva heights with the CM LOC® Flex Aligner. 

Intraoral parallelisation of the abutment occlusal plane.

Position is fixated with cement.

Final situation after correction of the various implant divergences.

Extension of existing female parts with CM LOC® Extractor.

Finished maxillary prosthesis.


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