Quality is an important factor for the protection of people and the environment.


For our company, energy is an important resource in the manufacture of our products.
CO2, water consumption, paper consumption and other environmental factors play a major role in this.
In our daily work we follow our environmental regulations in order to fulfill our quality requirements.


Cendres+Métaux stands for trust and honest business practices. Compliance with applicable laws and acting in accordance with the highest ethical principles is a matter of course for all of us. We expect the same from our business partners.

Conflict Minerals

We work according to the LBMA Ressponsible Gold Guidance (RGG). Our supply chain shows that our products comply with modern guidelines. We support the international efforts... :

  • against the financing of terrorist activitiesmilitary
  • against conflicts and human rights violations involving precious metal transactions
  • against preventable ethically questionable mining methods in developing countries
  • against intransparent supply chain
  • against the purchase of materials from crisis regions


Our employees are sensitized and trained to these topics. We assume responsibility towards our customers.

Urban Mining

Why ethical action with precious metals is a must!
Precious metals are used in many areas today. This is why demand is constantly increasing and resources are becoming scarcer!

Responsibility Cendres+Métaux
The proportion of secondary material (waste from the industrial processing of precious metals in the production of watches and jewellery, as well as scrap gold from jewellery, coins or dental gold) is rising steadily. We are investing in the future with a new state-of-the-art refining plant.

Environmental protection

Through sustainable management - resource-conserving processing of waste containing precious metals
⇒ Recovery with us.

Compliance with guidelines in all production processes = to avoid environmental pollution or to limit it as far as possible to a minimum.

Water and air pollution

  • Compliance with limit values is consistently monitored
  • Waste water systems in production and precious metal recovery ensure that no substances or untreated waste water are discharged into the groundwater
  • The emissions are restricted by modern filter systems and the limit values are adhered to
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