Cendres+Métaux Luxury+Industry

Cendres+Métaux Luxury+Industry specialises in the micromechanical production of semi-finished and finished products from high-quality materials and the recycling of precious metals. We produce high-precision and complex parts customised to customer requirements in large and small series and also offer technological advice on development projects.

What we offer at a glance

Cendres+Métaux offers a complementary range of services, starting with the recycling of precious metals. The metals recovered are melted down and cast as new alloys. These are then used to form a wide variety of semi-finished and finished products such as strips, wires, tubes, and blanks. Cendres+Métaux is a sought-after partner for the production of oscillating weights, watch cases and strap components for the watchmaking industry. Cendres+Métaux is also active in other industries such as medical technology and dental.

Flexible offer: from individual components to the full service

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