Environment and Sustainability

When it comes to the environment and sustainability, we pursue the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Our certified environmental management system and continuous monitoring of key environmental figures enable us to measure the effectiveness of the goals we have achieved, identify weaknesses and implement the measures that result from them. Processes are reviewed and optimised on a regular basis. This keeps our environmental impact to a minimum.

We pay particular attention to the following components: energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 equivalents and raw material consumption. In our annual environmental report, we report on our consumption figures and set ourselves ambitious targets, which we review on an ongoing basis and adjust if necessary. We also do everything we can to guarantee that precious metals are recovered in an ethically correct and environmentally friendly manner. We strive to continuously increase the proportion of recycled precious metals used.


  • Considerate and responsible handling of operating materials and resources in production
  • Compliant storage, handling and disposal of hazardous materials
  • Energy optimisation – implementation of C02 neutrality by evaluating existing facilities
  • Use of a modern neutralisation system for wastewater treatment 


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