Physics laboratory assistants Employees EFZ

Experiments and test methods

On-the-job training

1st year of training 
- Preparing samples, performing quality inspections during production (hardness, condition of the material, etc.) in respect of various materials made using standard production methods 

2nd year of training
- Fundamentals of chemistry, physical testing (tensile strength, surface roughness, etc.), calibrating and maintaining devices 

3rd year of training 
- Electron microscopy, complete analysis from preparing the samples to compiling the final report 

4th year of training 
- Thesis 


  • Four years
  • Possibility of completing the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate part-time during the apprenticeship

Location of training

  • Host company: Training in Biel
  • School in French: Ecole professionnelle EPSIC in Lausanne (vocational school)
  • School in German: Allgemeine Berufsschule Zürich (general vocational school)

What you bring to the table

  • An understanding of science (mathematics, chemistry and physics)
  • An interest in IT, electronics and  mechanics
  • A team player who will enjoy working with other departments of the company

Your trainer

Sylvain Venetz
Trainer physics laboratory assistants

«Are you fascinated by science and the investigative methods of Sherlock Holmes? In our lab, there are many methods for the examination of metal components for the watch and medical technology industries.»

We look forward to receiving your application!

There are no more open apprenticeship positions available for 2023. We hire every two years and are looking forward to receiving your application in 2025.

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