Recycling and alloys

Founded in 1885, Cendres+Métaux was originally a foundry. It now applies this knowledge from its early days in the recycling of precious metals and the production of new alloys.
Recycling precious metals is a matter of trust. As a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), Cendres+Métaux commits to complying with the industry's code of practices (CoP) as well as the chain of custody (CoC) standards. These certifications demonstrate that the company acts sustainably and that the materials from its supply chain do not finance conflicts anywhere in the world.
Recycling is followed by the production of new alloys. Cendres+Métaux produces a wide range of alloys, thus meeting all requirements in respect of the composition of precious metals. The casting process is a craft that requires in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, in order to obtain uniform castings. Cendres+Métaux is thus the ideal partner when it comes to meeting its clients’ stringent requirements for gold, silver, palladium or platinum products.

Daily rates PM

Purchase prices CHF/kg - 17.06.2024

Gold Au Silver Ag Platinum Pt Palladium Pd
64'960 815 25'440 22'610

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