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We have created a new website for you! There you will find all your information just as before. Now you have one single place for all your dental needs, catered only towards you. Customers from Switzerland can now even order their products directly online.

Cendres+Métaux Medtech

Cendres+Métaux Medtech is a Swiss contract manufacturing company that supplies customers in the medical technology sector worldwide. Cendres+Métaux Medtech processes biocompatible, precious materials such as titanium and precious metals with the utmost precision to create complex medical products. The smaller and more complex your product is, the more exciting the challenge for us. We will work with you to find the most suitable production solution.

From a customer request to the ready-to-use product.
As a leading manufacturing partner for implant components, Cendres+Métaux is able to make bespoke customer requirements a daily reality.

We are at your service


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