Cendres+Métaux has comprehensive and modern equipment for processing biocompatible metals such as titanium, precious metals or precious metal alloys. Concerning precious metals, the starting point consists of casting processes to produce suitable blanks. This is followed by processing methods such as rolling, drawing, punching, bending or forming, some of which may be punctuated by heat treatments. A variety of equipment is available for the further processing of all biocompatible materials. The machining range for turning and milling operations covers diameters from 0.5 to 42 mm.

Cendres+Métaux offers the following secondary processing steps:

  • – Various finishing processes
  • – Laser marking
  • – Assembly
  • – Clean room assembly
  • – Cleaning
  • – Packaging
  • Expertise in the processing of biocompatible titanium and precious metal alloys
  • Processing by rolling, drawing, bending, forming or punching
  • State-of-the-art equipment: turning and milling in the diameter range between 0.5 and 42 mm
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing with numerous secondary processes
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