Responsible Supply Chain

The ongoing climate change and global social and societal challenges require everyone's efforts to achieve resilient supply chains. As part of our customers' value chain, Cendres+Métaux wants to contribute to their efforts of achieving transparent & ethical supply chains. When sourcing our raw materials, particularly but not exclusively precious metals, we are committed to ensuring that they come from legitimate, ethical sources and are not associated with terrorism, armed conflict, or human rights abuses.

Supply Chain Due Diligence

Trusting, long-term relationships with our customers and partners are key to our business. Together, we adhere to industry standards and are mutually committed to complying with corporate due diligence obligations with the aim of achieving more resilient, ethical, and environmentally sustainable supply chains. With regards to our supply chain due diligence the following business principles apply to the companies of the Cendres+Métaux Group:

  • By principle, we favour local procurement whenever possible.
  • Cendres+Métaux Lux SA is the only entity within the group to operate a precious metal foundry to homogenise precious metals from industrial scraps and scrap gold from the downstream value chain (precious metal recycling). All refining activities are outsourced. We exclusively work with certified Swiss Refiners. Cendres+Métaux Lux SA is subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act and rejects any risky business in the purchase of precious metals and scrap material and consistently refrains from direct business relationships with mines.
  • The procurement of precious metals as raw material in the form of fine metals is carried out exclusively via Cendres+Métaux Lux SA in Biel. It must be certified according to RJC COP / COC as proof that the national and international regulations are complied with.
  • All other companies of the Cendres+Métaux Group procure semi-finished products made of precious metals, if possible, exclusively through Cendres+Métaux Lux SA, to which the exercise of due diligence in procurement is thus assigned. If Cendres+Métaux Lux SA is unable to deliver the required raw materials, the purchasing company must ensure itself that all ethical requirements as defined by our responsible supply chain policy are met.
  • Diamonds and coloured gemstones are usually provided directly by the customer in the quantity required for order fulfilment. The exercise of due diligence thus lies in the responsibility of the client. In rare cases, companies of the Cendres+Métaux Group also procure diamonds or gemstones on behalf of the customer. If the choice of supplier is not determined by the client, the due diligence obligation lies with the procuring company.

In 2023, Cendres+Métaux has not identified any risks of sourcing precious metals, diamonds or coloured gemstones from conflict zones or high-risk areas. 

Due to the company's growth and the increasing regulatory requirements around corporate responsibility, Cendres+Métaux has set itself the objective to centralise its corporate due diligence obligations and risk management at Group level. 

Current focus projects: 

  • Implementation of a due diligence system in accordance with RJC COP provisions 6.1 and 7.1 at Cendres+Métaux Group level
  • Standardised due diligence process in accordance with OECD guidelines at Group level
  • Implementation of a code of conduct for suppliers for all companies of the Cendres+Métaux Group
  • Implementation of a whistleblowing process and an online reporting channel for all companies of the Cendres+Métaux Group


We are aware that the planned supply chain laws that have already come into force at national and European level mean that the requirements for transparency in supply chains are more important than ever. As a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, but also as a midstream player in our customers' supply chains, it is important to us to recognise and address the needs of our customers and end customers. We know the refiners we work with and carry out "Know Your Counterparty" (KYC) enquiries when purchasing scrap gold or melting goods. This business activity is also subject to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering and Precious Metals Control Act and is regularly audited. In the recycling of precious metals in the downstream supply chain, it is no easy task to achieve end-to-end batch transparency. Nevertheless, Cendres+Métaux Lux SA has precisely this goal in mind so it can contribute to the supply chain transparency of minerals and precious metals.

Implemented measures:

  • KYC process for all new suppliers and for every incoming delivery of precious metals
  • Continuous adaptation of processes to ensure compliance with legal requirements (AMLA, PMCA, DDTrO)
  • Clear declaration of raw materials with every delivery


Responsible Jewellery Council

Group companies treating precious metals, diamonds or coloured gemstones are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). As part of their RJC certification, they fulfil both its Code of Practice (CoP) and the Chain of Custody Standard (CoC). However, all our companies are equally required to align their business activities to the RJC’s Code of Practice (CoP) as far as feasible. By following this standard, we adhere to international standards and guidelines for sustainable and ethical business practices. The aim of the RJC is to create a globally sustainable future for the industry and to find joint solutions to current and future challenges facing the entire industry. The work of the RJC is aligned with international norms and standards as well as with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

You can find the RJC certificates and our responsible supply chain policy in our Download Centre.


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