Precious metal recycling is followed by the production of new alloys in the casting shop. Cendres+Métaux has a wide range of alloys and is able to satisfy any requirements for the composition of precious metals. Compositions of materials are produced in close collaboration with the recycling and analysis divisions and in accordance with customers’ precise specifications. The casting process is a craft that requires in-depth knowledge backed up by state-of-the-art technologies. This is particularly true of high-end watchmaking, where the ultimate goal is homogeneity of castings, to achieve a perfect microstructure in the product and simplify subsequent processing of the material.


Our services

  • Wide range of alloys
  • In-depth knowledge of alloys
  • Full cycle for precious metals
  • Traceability of precious metal thanks to complete documentation
  • Development of innovative materials
  • Guarantee of conflict-free supply chain and production (from the raw materials to the final metal or semi--finished product)
  • Consistent quality
  • Dedicated lines 
  • CoC gold lines

Alloy chart

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