Soprano® 14

The metal ceramic with convincing features

Soprano® 14 is based on a silicate glass ceramic and was developed for the veneering of alloys containing precious metals and non-precious metals with a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 13.5 - 15.0 × 10-6 K-1 (25 - 500°C).
The matched transparency and fluorescence enable natural reconstructions of crowns and bridges on alloys.


  • Thixotropic behaviour: due to the thixotropic properties of the material, the ceramic can be applied with pinpoint accuracy. 
  • Simple: a simple and time-saving layering experience as post-processing is reduced.
  • Colour-stable: due to the colour stability and brightness of Soprano® 14, the desired shade effect can also be achieved with thin layers. The colour fastness remains stable, even after several firing processes.

Sales range

Sales range Intro Kit A2

Intro Kit A2

The introductory set 

Sales range Shade A-B Kit

Shade A-B Kit

The main product range

Sales range Shade C-D Kit

Shade C-D Kit

The addition to the main product range

Sales range Powder Stain & Glaze Universal Kit

POWDER Stain & Glaze Universal Kit

Universal powder stains for every ceramic

Sales range Bleaching Kit

Bleaching Kit

If white is not white enough


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