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We offer you many different opportunities!
Cendres+Métaux has been training apprentices for over 10 years. We offer six different apprenticeships: Polymechanic, physics laboratory technician, commercial clerk, IT technician, design engineer and production mechanic. Our vocational trainers look forward to accompanying new apprentices on their way into the professional world. Hopefully, that will be you!

Cendres+Métaux - an fascinating company awaits you!

  • Opportunity to complete the vocational baccalaureate
  • Over 135 years of experience
  • Competent, always accessible and helpful vocational trainers
  • The opportunity to work in various departments in the field of mechanics
  • Around 700 qualified employees
  • Flexible working hours
  • Department rotations every six months in the commercial sector
  • Trust and openness
  • Respectful interaction at eye level
  • A bilingual company - French and German

Our Trainers

Nicolas Bögli
Vocational trainer for production and polymechanic

If you show everyone what you can do and are always open to learning something new, you will make yourself irreplaceable as a polymechanic or production mechanic. All doors are open to you.

Julie Lüthi
Vocational trainer KV

As a commercial clerk, you are the organisational and service-oriented all-rounder with a wide range of activities.

Miguel da Costa
Vocational trainer for design engineers

With us, you will work in many different sectors, such as medical technology, watchmaking, toolmaking and others. Your horizons will broaden with this experience and open up many opportunities for the future.

Sylvain Venetz
Vocation trainer for physics laboratory technicians

Enthusiastic about science and Sherlock Holmes' investigation methods? We have many methods for analysing metal components for the watch and medical technology industry in our laboratory.

Congratulations to our apprentices for successfully completing their apprenticeship!

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