Livento® press

The main characteristics of Livento® press lithium disilicate glass ceramic are its homogeneous structure, high strength values and the reliability of the material. When processing Livento. press, the fit and colour remain stable so that time-consuming post-processing is no longer necessary.


The Soprano® veneering ceramic convinces through easy and time-saving processing. Soprano® 10 can be used for the aesthetic veneering of frameworks made of lithium disilicate as well as zirconium dioxide and Soprano® 14 for the veneering of metal alloys. The shade concept as well as the product range of Soprano® 10 and Soprano® 14 are identical. – This is a great advantage for the users, who now only have to familiarise themselves with one system. The thixotropic properties of the Soprano® powder-liquid mixture allow fast and reliable layering: Soprano® is viscous during processing and remains stable after model completion.

Livento® press and Soprano® 10 – the perfect match

The press ceramic system from Cendres+Métaux consists of the lithium disilicate glass ceramic Livento® press and the veneering ceramic Soprano® 10, two products which ideally complement each other and make colour-stable solutions possible.

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