Cendres+Métaux started out as as a smelter and, 135 years later, is still a sought-after partner for recycling precious metals. Recycling takes place at the start and end of the precious metal cycle and is a key aspect of our range of services. 

We are aware that recycling precious metals is a matter of trust. This is why we look to build a good relationship with our clients and ensure transparency at every stage of the process. We do everything we can to respect the environment during the recovery of precious metals. We are also always trying to increase the proportion of precious metals being recycled. Cendres+Métaux is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI). As part of our RJC membership, we follow its Code of Practice (CoP) and Chain of Custody (CoC) standards. These certifications attest that we act sustainably and that the products made along our supply chain are conflict-free.  

Our services

  • State-of-the-art technologies and processes
  • Trusted recycling of precious metals
  • Transparency at each stage of the process
  • Environmentally friendly recovery of precious metals
  • Cendres+Métaux is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) and Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)
  • We help protect the environment by mainly using recycled precious metals in our production

Here's how it works

Due to legal regulations we are obliged to verify the identity of our customers and the legal origin of the precious metals which are handed over to us for processing.

No assets are accepted which come from criminal activities, originate from criminal or terrorist organisations, or which are used to finance the same.

    Conditions for the acceptance of waste precious metals

    • Originates from a business that holds the necessary approvals
    • The relevant obligations according to the Precious Metals Control Act (PMCA) and the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) have been fulfilled
    • Foreign goods can only be accepted if accompanied by proof of correct importation into Switzerland (import declaration)
    • The approval to exercise intermediation in the finance sector according to Art. 14 AMLA must exist

    What we need from you

    If you are not yet a customer of Cendres+Métaux Recycling, we require the following documents:

    • Form to identify the contractual partners and beneficial owners:
      • Legal entities FO 7.242
      • Physical persons FO 7.239
    • Certified copy of an official identity document (passport, ID card)
    • Copy of extract from the Commercial Register – no older than 12 months – if available
    • In certain cases, we also require confirmation of power of attorney
    • Please include completed accompanying form FO 7.241 with every delivery
    • Forms must always be signed by the authorised signatory(ies)


    Legal entities FO 7.242

    Physical persons FO 7.23

    Accompanying form FO 7.241

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